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Dating - dating tips where to meet women:

          Where to Find Great People

One of the questions that I get asked often is, "Where do I meet a great man?" or "Where can I find beautiful women?" as though there is a place where all these people are kept.

Everybody knows about the club scene, the gym, and coffee houses, but if you're hoping that one of these will be your ticket out of single-city, you're missing the real opportunities that are around you.

Certainly, there are some places that are better than others for meeting people. For example, if you're looking for a woman to date, don't spend all your time hanging around sports bars. If you're a woman looking for a man, don't frequent sewing classes. Yes, sometimes men and women and be found at these places, but you're much better off increasing your odds by being where you expect them to be.
Dating Flirting Tips For Men:
So where's the perfect place to meet someone of the opposite sex? Frankly, everywhere, (except your own living room!) The problem most people find is really two separate issues:

1) They don't know what they're looking for, so they don't know the right person when they find them; and,
2) They don't have any way pre-planned to meet this person.

If you spend some time BEFORE you try to meet someone, deciding what you're really looking for in a partner, it's going to be much easier to recognize that person when they show up.

In my book, "Being a Man in a Woman's World" I present a series of exercises on just how to accomplish this. For the purposes of this article however, sit down and make a list of things you're looking for in a partner. Try to be as specific as possible and visualize who this person is, and what they are all about. The more clearly you can "see" this person, the more likely you'll actually find him or her!

This works because it is a way of programming your mind. By setting out the specifics of the person you're looking for, you're telling parts of your brain to be aware of people that may fit this profile. It greatly increases the possibility of finding that person.

The second point - that of having a way of meeting someone is actually much easier than it seems at first. This is true even if you're very shy - but it takes practice. 

To be continued as below...

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Here are some final thoughts that will help:

Be open to meeting people - don't hide in a corner with your arms crossed, and your eyes on the ground.
Use eye contact and a natural smile to attract people. If you're not comfortable with these - practice!
Remember, people WANT to meet others - you included. Don't feel like you're imposing on someone just by saying hello.
Use all the tools available to you - referrals from friends and family, "cold contacts", business contacts, even the Internet.
If you're a woman, don't be too subtle - many men don't know when you're interested in meeting someone.
If you're a man, don't be too aggressive - many women don't send the right signals, or send mixed signals.

P.S. - By Dr. Dennis W. Neder, he is the author of 
Being a Man in a Woman's World

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