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              Flirting Signals for the Women...   

Dr. Monica Moore of St Louis Missouri spent 2,000 hours observing how it is that women flirt.  She found that those who get the most response from men are the ones who send out the most signals.  Women who gave out more than 35 displays of flirting signals per hour got about 4 approaches. The more variety the women used, the more approaches they got.  Some of the signals that Moore noticed were: the darting glance, short and sustained gazing, primping and preening, smiling, lip licking, pouting, giggling, laughing, and nodding.

--Here are some of the types of flirting that the were used by the women in this experiment...

  1. Seek and Zoom In Flirting:  Women begin with a gaze and look around the room followed by a short darting glance at the prospect, looking away quickly, looking back, and then looking away again. 

  2. Scatter Flirting:  Some women flirt alternately with several different men at the same time until they got a positive response from one of them. 

  3. Look-at-me Flirting:  Women can hike up their skirts to show more leg to a particular man.  When men they are not targeting notice, they can pull down their skirts until the one they are targeting responds. 
    Go-for-it Flirting: Should these clear signals fail, some women will resort to one, final act of desperation by parading across the room towards their target, swaying their hips (look at what a good reproductive body I have!), thrusting out their breasts (I can feed your children!) with their head held high.

To be continued as below...

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Flirting is Fun       

Flirt:-To make playfully romantic or sexual overtures.

Flirting Is Not...

  1. Venting: Starting a conversation by complaining about something.  No one is attracted to a whiner.

  2. Self-serving: Talking loudly so as to draw attention to yourself.  Remember, it also draws as much attention to the one to whom you are loudly talking.

  3. Being Impatient: Asking for a date on the spot as others are rarely willing to accept such an offer from a stranger or mild aquaintance.

  4. Unrealistic Expectations: Buying someone a drink and then expecting them to spend the night with you.

  5. Sexual Harrassment: Not as long as there is no actual physical contact or touching.

  6. Being Too Familiar: A means to frustrate or tease others (e.g. a woman who flirts seductively with no intention of going any further).

  7. Too Obvious: Wearing overtly sexy clothing to gain attention unless it is sex that you are genuinely wanting.

  8. Self-centered: A great excuse to talk about yourself to someone who really wants to get away as fast as they possibly can.

  9. Giving Up: Something you should give up on because you get rejected several times.

Keep working at it.  In fact, should you decide to read on, we might be able to give you some good advise and tips.....


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Flirting Is...
  1. Being Complimentary:  Look for an opportunity to complement the person with whom you are flirting.  Imagine what it would like to be on the receiving end of your compliment to determine if it would make you feel good or not.  Having made the compliment, withdraw to see what kind of response you get.  Avoid sexual compliments at first.  The best things to compliment are clothing, jewelry, hair styles, new car, his/her smile, and accomplishments.

  2. Being Conversational:  Be aware of the world around you and be able to discuss news events, issues regarding relationships, and things of interest to the object of your desire.

  3. Being Curious: Most people enjoy someone who is genuinely interested in their lives, what kind of work they do, where they got a piece of jewelry, and the options on their new car.  However, avoid any questions that might be too personal.  Wanting to know the size of her breasts at this point could very well elicit a very definite negative reaction.  The point to asking questions is to engage him/her in a conversation.  However, do avoid making it sound like an interview.  Also, be willing to reveal some things about yourself.  The give and take should be mutual for a successful flirtation.

  4. Being Clear:  A shy attempt that is misunderstood should be avoided at all cost.  Smile and make direct eye contact.  People need clear signals.  Look into the persons eyes for several seconds, make sure they return your look, smile, and then look away.  Keep doing this until you get a response.  If it is positive, go for it.
    Being Confident:  To be clear when flirting, one must exercise some confidence.  However, avoid coming across as conceited, arrogant, or self-centered.  As they say, "Practice makes perfect," so, even if you fail miserably the first couple of times, try, try, try again.  You'll eventually get good at it and the confidence will come.

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