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Flirting -Attract women pheromones:

Pheromone power: It's all in the Nose!


Pheromones are more powerful than you would think. Never mind checking out how someone looks in their jeans - When it comes to choosing a partner, are we at the mercy of generations of our very own genes - or so the scientists say. Researchers studying the science of 'who we fancy' draw on evolutionary theory to explain the way humans pick partners. Apparently it is to our advantage to mate with somebody with the best possible genes, ensuring that we have healthy kids, who will pass our own genes on for generations to come.

Attract women pheromones:

Pheromones come into play when we look at a potential mate, as we are assessing whether we would like our children to have their genes. Scientifically speaking, pheromones are airborne chemical signals which can affect the behaviour of members of the same species without anyone being aware they’re at work. Tricky. Starting with the basics: the term pheromone is a blend of the Greek words pherein, meaning "transfer", and hormone, meaning "excite".

In 1995, Claus Wedekind of the University of Bern in Switzerland asked a group of women to smell some unwashed t-shirts worn by different men. (And lets hope they were getting well compensated for this unsavoury task.) What he discovered was that women consistently preferred the smell of men whose immune systems were different from their own. More worryingly, at the University of Chicago, Dr Martha McClintock has shown in her own sweaty t-shirt study that what women want most is a man who smells similar to her father, for a tried and tested immune system.

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Chicago neurologist Alan Hirsch rated male response to various smells by measuring changes in penile blood flow and found that food outperformed perfumes. The food highest on the rating list included cinnamon buns, roast meat and cheese pizza, chocolate, vanilla and peppermint. In some cases the average increase of penile blood flow was 40%!

And who said men don't think with their ... er, noses.

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