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Flirting-article on increasing sex drive 

          Generating, Emitting and Harnessing Sexual Energy
                              By Peta Heskell            


You are a sexual being 

First I want you to accept that this statement is possibly true and agree to believe this just while you read this article. You don’t have to agree, just give it room in your belief system for a short try out. I believe we are all sexual beings but many of us try to cover it up, or have forgotten just how sexual we are. 

Over the centuries dogmatic religions and other cultural prisons have force fed us lies about ourselves. We have learned that sex is sex and there is a time and a place for it. Nowadays we have a socio-political climate where men are afraid to make a move on a woman for fear of offending her and women are afraid to be sexual in case they are judged on that rather than their merits. This is not natural and I don’t know about you, but I won’t live my life in this fearful state! 


I’m not suggesting we go round shagging anywhere, anytime with anyone we choose [although that would be nice wouldn’t it!!]. And it doesn’t mean that we should be constantly turned on [mmm now there’s a thought.. maybe we can…]. It means much more than that. I’m suggesting that we need to recapture our sexual essence and celebrate empower it and let it flow through our lives as it was intended to. Let’s learn to fall in love with our sexuality all over again and embrace it as a wondrous driving force in our lives. 
The sexual energy centre - you've got one too! 

The Martial arts and many of the Eastern meditative practices, religions and medicine have long been aware of and harnessed the body’s energy centres. Most martial artists will spend a long time learning to centre their energy and focus because without that, all the techniques in the world won’t work. 

How useful would it be if you could get just a little of the focus and centering they have, that would be quite nice wouldn’t it? Well you can. 

One of the key energy centres is the hara. This is the centre of your life energy and also your sexual energy. It's about 2 –4 inches below your belly button or around that area, from the centre out to the sides. When you feel sexual desire for someone chances are you will have sensations here. When you focus your attention on this point and regulate your breathing, you become more solid, centred or whatever word you choose to use. 

To be continued as below...

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Breathing into your energy centre - in and out slowly

Find somewhere quiet to stand with your feet about six inches apart and locate the point. Some call it one-point as well as hara. There are many names for it. Your task is just to find it. Place your mental attention on this area of your body as you begin to breathe in and out slowly. Imagine the power rising from this point up your spine to the top of your head and returning down your back to between your legs and up to the hara again. This is your true personal power in action. This is powerful stuff. You can begin now. Do this often and become aware of feelings there and notice the difference. You are beginning to move your energy around your body and when you can link the sexual side of this energy and move that too, mmmm. It’s great! But more of that later. 

“When passion burns within you remember that it was given to you for a
good purpose.” Old Hassidic saying 

Sexual energy is one of the most powerful motivating forces in our life. We were designed to reproduce and the urge is genetically imprinted. As we evolve, we still have this primal driver but our urge to reproduce, whilst strong, is no longer the life and death matter it used to be.  So what do we do with all this excess sexual energy? As well as enjoying wonderful soulful sex, we can learn to harness and use this motivational force in other areas of our life. 

Regan hated ironing. When she learned to harness her sexual energy she discovered how to turn ironing into a very pleasurable task! Now Regan gets into her long black boots and not much else and irons on and on and on.. 

Dominic had a challenging time working with his managers. When he learned to see the world through rose coloured 'lips' his work took on a juicy dimension. By harnessing his sexual motivation and linking it to something he wanted to enjoy more, he learned to have almost as much fun at work as he does with his girlfriend! 

You too can learn to harness your sexual energy and use it in all areas of your life. Think about it, you are harnessing your life force! We’ll be covering this in a later section.      


What makes a woman desire a man instantly?  and more...                         

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To be continued below...


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P.S. - Peta Heskell is author of the book Flirt Coach published in the USA by Harper  Collins/Thorsons in June 01. She runs the UK Flirting Academy, and coaches clients privately. She is a frequent media guest in the UK and has run workshops in Florida and Amsterdam, Netherlands. You can access her website


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