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Chinese Horoscope [February 2011]


I think you will be laughing at what you are right but never happened so I think you better listen to me and love what I said. –From Rat star-Thank you for your reading.


I think you enjoy music right so be fair and kind to others. Don’t allow anyone to borrow your money and Rat star knows that you people are good people. –From Rat star-Thank you for your reading.


I believe you succeed in the future and fly brilliantly. –Thank you –from Tiger star.


Rabbits are great, a clever man said before about rabbits and Rabbit star. The Rabbit star said that I believe life will be easier in the future so I love you guys always, so be nice and kind to all the people, keep up that attitude. –From the Rabbit star- Thank you.


I think my life and all you people’s lives are great. Work hard! I love you guys. –From Dragon star-Thank you for your reading.


Be good! I love you baby from young and you are mysterious. Gods and Goddess will always be with you. -From the Snake star. –Thank you for your reading.


Be good when watch movie but life is not easy anymore. –Thank you for your reading from the Chinese horoscope Horse star.


Goats are good and great so I think so I think you appreciate me, as I am your star. Thank you for your kind attention and love from goat star.


Monkey star is a great star but Monkey star said takes up practice like learning how to humming which is not easy.

Remember be respectful and love the Monkey star. –Thank you for kind attention and reading. –From the Monkey star.


Chickens are not chucking anymore so be good and love me, Chicken star as your star. Love from Chicken star and thank you for your reading.


Dogs are not only barking but can walk and sometimes speaking human language so being good. –Love from your Dog Star and thank you for reading.


I am shame and loveable. I tell you not to say that I am ugly, as I have my own talent so be good always to people and self. –Thank you for your attention and reading from Pig star.

Copyright by: Arianna Xue

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