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Seduce Women - Seduce women Art seduction

The 3 Things You Must Do To Get Women Wet In A 5 Min Conversation

Ever wondered how to sexually stimulate a woman by simply talking to her in the right way?

To consider you a sex-partner? Follow these simple steps and she will be putty in your pants... err, I mean hands. 

Seduce women Art seduction:
1. Whisper in her ear
When hitting on new women, you have to jump start the chemistry so that you can go from "nice friendly guy" to "potential sex-mate". The best way to start creating that chemistry is to whisper in their ear instead of talking to them face to face.
Use the excuse that the bar or club is loud and reach in closer and closer in the first few minutes of conversing with . 

2. Keep your voice mellow
Don't shout. Don't talk too fast. Talk slow. Mellowing your voice tends to mellow out the other person. This is desirable given that you want to change her state from "strung out, scared and nervous" to " comfortable, relaxed and mellow" around you.
Space out your words. Whispering slowly in her ear will put her in the right trance for further seduction. 

3. Do the Boob-touch
OK, so she is relaxed, enjoying the fact that you make her feel calm, the whispering is tingling her inside. Now you got to do the boob-touch. The Boob-touch is a very powerful technique to turn her on physically. What you do is, while you two are standing, you hold your glass against your chest in such a way that whenever you reach in to whisper in her ear, you "accidentally" rub your knuckles against her breast. Very, very subtly. She might not even notice it the first time. She may feel it was a quick accident.

To be continued as below...

How To Turn Women on Like Crazy?  

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You then repeat it a minute later. Then again. Very subtly, spaced out, so it gives  time to start enjoying it. Soon you will notice she will be reaching in to your knuckles, asking whatever question just so that it can happen again. 

At this point, you can be sure that she is "ON" . You are ready to take her to the next level, and soon you two will be in bed.

Remember, during this conversation, what is happening is a lot more important that what is being said. The fact that you are whispering, mellowing her out and turning her on is what counts; not your story about the time you chugged a 40oz.

Just keep the conversation flowing in any direction, and soon she will be wanting more physical interaction, like kissing, hogging and caressing.


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