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Seduce Women

           How to Make a Girl Like You?

This is very easy.  Most guys today, I'm sorry to say have no idea how to treat a woman.  They treat girls like a piece of garbage or they act like a doormat to beautiful women and let these women walk all over them.  You cannot be a rotten no good, but you cannot be a doormat either.  Once you start dating girls, treat them with respect.  Treat them like you'd like another guy to treat your mother or sister.

How to make a girl like you?

Do not make a pass at a girl on the first date.  She'll think you're different from most men and will want to go out with you again.  Act romantic, not sex crazed.   Hold her hand in the movie, open the door for her, and be polite.  Act like she's precious and sweet.  When you bring her home, give her a good night kiss at the door and say "I'll call you sometime."  She'll be amazed at being treated like a lady.

When you take her out again, still treat her like a lady.   Women are dying for romance today and the guy who knows how to provide it is a rare find.  She'll let you know when she wants sex.  Do not force her.  Be patient.  Before long she'll fall in love with you because you're a man who treats her with respect.   Believe me, even a prostitute likes to be treated like a lady.

To be continued as below...

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How to make a girl fall in love with you?

Tell her she is pretty and that she's nice to be with.  Women love compliments.   Do not ever flirt with other women when you're on a date.   The girl you're with should get all your attention.  But do not be a doormat either.  If she flirts with a lot of men or talks about all her boyfriends, don't take her out again.   If you treat her with respect she should treat you with respect.

Before long you'll have so many girls wanting to go out with you, you want have time for them all.  Won't that be nice?

Also, never lead a girl on.  If she tells you she is in love with you and you don't feel the same way, be honest with her.  Always be honest.   Women will appreciate it.

Now the most important piece of advice I can give you on women.   If you can accomplish this nearly every woman you meet will fall in love with you.   Always be a friend with the woman you go out with.  Let her relax with you, and before long you'll become one of the most likeable guys around.  All women will like you.   The girls you go out with will brag to their girlfriends.   Girls will be begging you to go out with them because they know you know how to treat a woman.   When a woman is asked why she is deeply in love with her husband or boyfriend, she usually replies, "He is my best friend."

To be continued below...

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