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          Seduction is Visual...

Women have no problem with this concept.  The "fairer sex" works hard to be visually pleasing (try shaving your legs sometime--it will give you an idea as to how hard they do work at it).  They literally support the economy between clothing stores, hairdressers, cosmetics, general beauty products, and getting their nails done every few weeks.  Most of them learn the subtle little tricks that enables them to present their bodies in the best possible way.  When in seduction mode, they know how to look sexy, walk sexy, sit sexy, smile sexy, laugh sexy, and be sexy.  They are sexy. 

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On the other hand, men are convinced that females love guys with stubble on their chins, wearing an old pair of jeans and a tee-shirt with their favorite beer logo on it, while puffing on a cigarette and proclaiming, "Got the hots for me, baby, don't ya'?"  Attractive?  Not even close! 

Whether you are male or female; regardless of your sexual orientation; no matter what kind of body houses your mind, heart, and soul--whatever you do, determine to present yourself in the best possible way.  If it means losing some weight, getting some new clothes, or even changing the brand of deodorant you use, do it. 
The person you want to seduce will need to "see" you as being desirable.
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Seduction is Alluring...
The dance between the sexes is a wonderful thing when it comes to the subject of seduction.  Making ourselves alluring and attractive to the one we desire is both fun and exciting.  If that were not so, then there would not be as much need for glamorous lingerie shops, hair dressers, rows and rows of cosmetic shelves in department stores, stores that sell sexy clothing, and hundreds of fragrances from name brand manufacturers.  Women know how to be alluring. 
Men just try to look nice. 
Yet, there isn't a person alive who doesn't appreciate a lover who works hard to be attractive and inviting. 

To be continued as below...

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It all depends on what turns on the object of your desire.  Some women love a man with a full beard, whereas, others couldn't tolerate all that facial hair.  Some men are switched on by a female in black, lacy lingerie and five inch heels while other men couldn't care less as they would rather have less packaging to deal with.  A pair of sexy legs are appealing to a man.  Women seem to prefer manly posteriors (okay, butts).  It is all very subjective and based on personal preferences. 

The point is that, in order to be seductive, you will have to do your homework and know what turns on his/her switch.  That means that you will need to get to know the person to accomplish this.

Witness the case of the woman who was astounded that her "go-for-it" approach to seducing a man caused her to strip naked in front of him and proclaim exactly what she wanted.  He quickly excused himself and left.  When the man was asked why he responded as he did, he replied that he could easily have enjoyed physical intimacy with her but would have appreciated a slower approach with as much  romance thrown in as possible.  She assumed that all men will jump on a naked female body if given half the chance.  In this case, she was wrong and it cost her the guy she really wanted.  She didn't take the time to find out how to go about seducing him. 
To be alluring, one must know what it is that allures.

Seduction is Romantic...
It has wisely been said that "Romance is all the little kisses in between."  Getting someone to desire you means doing those little things "in between."  Buying her a bouquet of roses is great but making her feel cherished and loved is just as important.  Parading in front of him with that sexy, short dress is sure to cause temptation, but does he feel needed by you in ways other than sexual.  Romance is the fine art of genuinely treating the object of your love with a sweet caringness that arrouses the desire in them to want to be with you.  If you want to seduce him/her, be romantic.

Seduction is Playful...

Who said it had to be serious and sensual all the time?  Seduction can be fun as well. 
One of our visitors shared how she seduced her new lover the first time while sharing a meal together.  We won't be too descriptive here but to say only that she did certain things with food items while she was eating them in a way that he definitely got the point.  She said that she had a wonderful time doing it and they look back and laugh about it now. 
Another fellow testified that he found the door of her apartment open and a trail of rose petals leading to her bedroom.  He followed the trail.  He was glad that he did.  She was glad that he did.  They have been married now for seven years. 
If you think it will be more effective, add a smile to your seduction plan.


To be continued below...

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Seduction is Sensuous...
There is nothing wrong with eroticism when one finds him/herself formulating a plan to seduce someone. 
This can be done both verbally and visually. 
Although most women are turned off by a man who uses gross terms to describe thier body parts (albeit they use some of these same terms amongst themselves with no offense taken, e.g. boobs), there are ways to seduces a person with words.  Of course, we are not talking about talking dirty as much as "naughty talk."  For example, take the woman who shared with us how that she taunted her new lover by whispering obscene things into his ears while they were slow dancing at a nightclub.  The naughtier she got, the more he played along.  She claimed that it worked.  We do not doubt her. 

Of course, visual stimulation is a key factor in a successful seduction as well.  Whether it be provocative clothing, a sexy look, a bright red set of erotic lingerie, or a demonstration of one's ability to dance the night away--the eyes have a way of telling the brain and heart to give in and let go. 

Yes, it is true that men are definitely and decidedly visual creatures.  However, what woman doesn't look at the photographs first when perusing an Internet site filled with personals? 
"Baby, you look beautiful tonight," he said  with a tinge of seduction in his voice. 
She leaned into him, tucked her head under his chin and replied, "You make me feel that way." 
It was the tenderness with which she said it that encouraged him on; a kind of vulnerability peeking out through the eyes of her otherwise confident personality. 
Turning her face up to him, she closed her eyes as if she was awaiting his next thought. 
He bent his head down to kiss her. 
She responded to the touch of his lips against hers with a soft, sweet, gentle kiss of her own. 
As he began to unbutton her top..... 

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