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Men's Sexuality - free penis enlargement exersise:

                              Natural Penis Enlargement

Over the past few years, natural penis enlargement has quickly become a very popular method of increasing penis size. This is because it is far safer than alternative methods such as penis pumps or weights and also because it produces quick, permanent results.

free penis enlargement exersise:

The basic principle of natural penis enlargement is to increase the blood capacity of the penis through exercise. By doing so, you can increase both your penis length and thickness by 2-3 inches over the course of a few months.

How blood capacity effects penis size.

The penis consists of three chambers running the length of the penile shaft. The smaller chamber that runs along the bottom of the shaft is known as the Corpus Spongiosum, and this is used for urinating and ejaculating.

The other two chambers - known as the Corpus Cavernosum - are much larger and form the greatest part of the penis. These chambers contain erectile tissue, which acts very much like a sponge - absorbing large volumes of blood and expanding to several times its usual size every time you get an erection.

The maximum size the erectile tissue can expand to and the amount of blood the tissue can hold determines your present penis size. Therefore, in order to successfully enlarge your penis it's necessary to increase the size of every cell within the erectile tissue and increase the amount of blood each one is capable of holding.

To do this, you need to use specialized exercises such as the Jelq that force more blood into the erectile tissue that it can naturally hold. This causes the cells within the tissue to gradually stretch and expand beyond their normal limits. As the cells expand, the amount of blood the erectile tissue can hold increases, and over a few weeks and months this results in a steady increase in penis size.

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While the science behind natural penis enlargement isn't all that interesting, it is a good idea to have an understanding of how it all works - basically so that you can see that natural penis enlargement is based on very sound principles and is possible.

The Gains You Can Expect From Natural Penis Enlargement.

What's more important are the changes you see when you start exercising. After a couple of weeks, the first thing you notice is that your erections become much firmer and fuller than before - similar to when you're extremely aroused. This is because blood circulation has improved and the volume of blood entering your penis has increased. Because of the improved blood flow, your penis also looks much larger when flaccid than before.

After about a month you can expect to gain about half an inch in erect length and thickness. This may not sound like a lot, but it makes a big difference to how your penis looks and definitely helps to keep your motivation high so that you keep on exercising.

At this point, you will also have strengthened and improved the function of your 'PC muscle'. This muscle is located just behind your scrotum and plays a vital role in ejaculation. By strengthening this muscle and improving the control you have over it, you are able to delay ejaculation and increase your sexual stamina.

If you continue to regularly exercise over the following few months, it's usual to gain around 2 inches in erect length and just over an inch in thickness. This is a good goal to aim for, as it is a realistic target and is achievable for the majority of men.

To be continued below...


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At this point, most guys reach a plateau and stop growing - this is the point you have developed your penis to its maximum potential. When you reach this point, you can stop exercising, as the gains you've made are permanent. Some men do gain more than two inches, but it's not usual. When you hear stories of men doubling their penis size, it's usually because they were much smaller than average when they started.

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