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Men's Sexuality - Sex life sexual performance improvement:

        Spicing up your Sexual Relationship

Has your sexual relationship with your partner been less than average lately, less exciting or completely died down?



You are not alone! It is quite common for the sexual relationship between couples, especially married ones, to lose routine and the excitement felt in the beginning. Though there are several reasons of why your sexual relationship has changed for the less active and exciting, it usually has nothing to do with your love for one another (depending on the situation).  

Sex life sexual performance improvement:

The first thing you need to find out is what reasons there may be behind this changed. Is it you who does not want as much sex or your partner? After clearing that up, then find out why you or your partner feels this way. It is easier to find reasons concerning yourself than your partner, so if it is your partner you need to find answers on, then you will need to be more observant of their behaviors, reactions to certain things and so on. Communication will also be plenty of help, so do not be afraid to ask your partner if there is something bothering them, or talking to them about what is bothering you.  

Do not feel bad or guilty if you or your partner feels less turned on by things that used to be the biggest turn-ons. It is a perfectly normal and understandable to get less interested in routines. We all need variety and new things in our lives, so just look at it as a call for something new. Try a new activity in the bedroom that both you and your partner feel comfortable with. You can buy some new lingerie; music, candles or anything you feel will set the mood. Try dating each other again. Most married couples forget that is important to continue dating and living the romance after the wedding. They enter a new stage of comfort feeling secure and safe, making them feel that they do not have to try to impress each other. Marriage is supposed to feel safe and secure and you do have to be up on your toes all the time, but you do have to continue making an effort if you want the romance to live forever.  

Go to the places you used to go to when the two of you started dating, to rekindle that new romance feeling. Book a hotel room for a night so the two of you are away from, with pure privacy and a new surrounding, which could very well mean a new experience! Touch each other and pay attention to the otherís reaction to certain caresses. By paying attention and keeping an open mind, your sexual relationship can reach places you never though possible.  

To be continued below...

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Sometimes spicing up your sexual relationship can be more difficult than you imagined. You cannot think of every new approach to try and heat things up. Which is why professional advice is so handy. Explain your situation to your relationship expert and ask them for ideas and suggestions of how you and your spouse can make your sexual bond stronger. You will not only learn new things, but also how to avoid entering this block in the road again. A healthy sex life has a big influence on your relationship as husband and wife. It is not everything, but does play a huge role, so never neglect such a problem, hoping it will pick up the pace again. It takes two to participate in such a relationship, so always talk to your partner about what is on your mind to avoid misunderstandings. You can have the sexual relationship you and your partner have always dreamed of and more, with the effort, care, patience and expert advice that your marriage deserves.  

To be continued below...


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