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Men's Sexuality - Give a orgasm:

             So, did she "make it"?

Its amazing how few men really understand women's climaxes. Have you watched a porno recently? Notice how women's orgasms are depicted in the video, if they are shown at all. If they do show a woman's climax, it is usually faked. 

Why? Well, first, there are too many technical "behind the scenes" things going on for women to concentrate on themselves. "Move your arm a little forward, push the hair out of your face, then say your lines..." All of this takes away from her focusing on all the sex.

More often than not, videos don't show women actually cumming. Why not? Because most men (the primary audience for porn), don't know what a woman's climax looks like anyway! So, they don't feel like they actually have to stage it.

Why should you care?

Many men think that women's pleasure comes just from the closeness of sex. If they cum at all, its just a bonus. DON'T MAKE THIS MISTAKE! Women like sex in much the same way as men do. And, they expect the same satisfaction.

Thus, you should care very much about your woman's climax. If she doesn't get it, she will feel cheated - just like you would. To help save your feelings she may fake her orgasm. By now, everyone knows (or at least should know), that women fake orgasms.

Myth buster: Men can and do fake orgasms, just like women do! Men don't do it very often, but they can and do fake!

Women often blame themselves for not being satisfied during sex. But, if this continues the blame will turn to you. You want to learn to recognize a woman's "true" climax and find out what it takes to give it to her regularly. 

To be continued below...

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What is a "climax" for a woman?

Women report very different things from men when it comes to the "big O". Some say that it is like waves of pleasure washing over their bodies, other say that it "tickles", other describe it as "warmth", etc, still others describe it as just "deep happiness". Ok, its no wonder that men are confused by women's climaxes.

Don't let this lack of understanding make you think its all beyond you however! In fact, if you're ever going to get a second chance, you'd better get familiar with her ecstasy!

Types of orgasms

Some women report having "clitoral" orgasms or "vaginal" orgasms and claim they are different from each other. Others say that any orgasm is just about like any other. Some women can climax just from being held, kissed or touched. Some claim to have never experienced an orgasm. Who's right? They all are!

Too, sometimes women that are easily-orgasmic, can't climax at particular times. Further, they may feel that they don't need to - just the closeness is enough.

Discover the climax

Every women is different. Your woman has her own quirks, needs, "secret desires", etc. So, how do you know when she cums? It can be difficult to know for sure. Here are some things that will help:

  • Tell her that you don't want her to feel pressured to climax. If she does that's great, if she doesn't - that's ok too, as long as its all right with her.

  • She doesn't need to "fake" her orgasm to please you. Again, if she makes it - great! If not, then next time.

  • Ask her what makes her engine rev - what "works" for her - then do it! Pay attention to what she tells you, and if something doesn't make sense, ask her to clarify.

  • When she starts getting aroused, pay attention. Notice if she flushes around her neck and chest. Notice if her nipples get erect. Pay attention to her breathing and the sounds she makes. These are all great signs that she's on her way.

  • If you're inside her, you'll notice that she begins "gripping" you just as she starts to cum.

  • Finally, when you think she's made it, ask her! There is nothing impolite about this, and it shows that you're interested in her satisfaction.

To be continued below...


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Once she makes it the first time, she may very well be ready for more. Some women can just keep going and going (like the Energizer Bunny!) Men got the gift of peeing while standing, women got multiple orgasms - nobody ever said life was fair!

P.S. - By Dr. Dennis W. Neder, he is the author of Being a Man in a Woman's World

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