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Get Girls - tips approaching women:

Approach Any Woman Through Dissociation

Approaching women is difficult.  Most guys I know would almost rather run naked in front of a stadium full of Promise Keepers than approach a beautiful woman cold and start a conversation with her.  If you have trouble walking up to women – or have any kind of hesitation at all – it will help you to master the secret power of dissociation.


tips approaching women:

Normally, when you get that feeling of fear and hesitation, emotionally detaching yourself from the moment is all but impossible no matter how hard you try.  That’s because using sheer willpower to consciously banish your fear and hesitation doesn’t work.  Your willpower is no match for your unconscious mind’s program of fear and hesitation – fear and hesitation that you’ve probably practiced for years.


Sheer willpower won’t work.  Instead, you can “trick” your unconscious mind into helping you and “install” better programming of relaxed, playful confidence.


The next time you find yourself hesitating to approach a beautiful woman that knocks your socks off, STOP.  Take a breath and allow a wave of relaxation to move through your body.  Next, imagine stepping outside of your own body and looking at the situation from a third-person perspective.  Imagine seeing yourself standing there, her, and the rest of the environment around you.


From this third-person perspective you’ll find yourself relaxed and objective.  And you won’t feel as if you’re doing an approach anymore.  Rather, you’ll have the unusual but calming feeling that you’re just WATCHING an approach, like watching a movie.  You’ve dissociated yourself from all the unhelpful feelings and thoughts.


Now imagine watching yourself walking up to the beautiful woman.  Watch yourself as someone who is friendly, playful, relaxed, and curious about her and say to her, “Excuse me… I just noticed something interesting about you…”  Imagine her smiling back and responding to whatever you say with curiosity.

To be continued below...


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When you dissociate and watch the events from a third-person perspective like this, you’re hypnotically practicing success.  You’re programming your unconscious mind with new experiences and beliefs of relaxed confidence. 


If she walks away before you have a chance to actually approach, don’t worry about it.  Do NOT put extra pressure on yourself.  Relax, dissociate, and relax.  This is called practicing.  There will always be more women. 


With enough practice through dissociation, your willpower will naturally become congruent your new programming and you’ll no longer have to do the exercise.  You’ll simply be able to approach women easily and at will.




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