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Get Girls - Good romantic pick up lines 

          Romantic Pick Up Lines

Chocolate stimulates the release of endomorphins in the brain, pleasure messengers that signal a feeling of well-being and happiness. These same endomoprhins are released when you fall in love. Chocolate therefore makes you feel more receptive to sexual activity. Chocolate also contains L-arginine, which helps with erections in men and arousal in women. Romantic pick up lines in these situations are very interesting.
Good romantic pick up lines:

Keep a box of individually wrapped chocolates on a table in a strategic place. Most women can’t resist an open treat like that and you’ve covertly “drugged” her into the right mindset. Just don’t let chocolates sit there for more then 3 months without changing them, even if you have 14,000 romantic pick up lines.

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Anyway... by the time I am ready to move on to the romantic pick up lines in them, I KNOW how they react to good stuff and bad stuff. When I QUOTE to a chick about getting a blowjob from some other chick in the past, she might THINK she is not reacting to what I said, but she is going through the same changes as thinking about her cat when she considers her mouth around my dick. She is either going to have the "happy" reactions or the "sad" reactions.

I have tried to avoid too many a romantic pick up line of that because I never wanted to appear like a stalker or some oddball. She basically said without outright saying it to me, that she wanted to keep things light while she was serving her mission. My own inclinations have led me to believe that either she decided on her own to stop writing me because I was moving too fast, and that scared her.

Derek Vitalio

Learn the Science of Seduction

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